Queen Creek Denture DentistFor those who have suffered from dental problems for a long, long time and are facing the reality of having to have the rest of their teeth removed, there is hope! Replacing your teeth with traditional dentures, whether complete or partial dentures, can give you a beautiful smile once again. Dr. Matheson will work closely with you to customize your teeth to look and feel the way you’ve always dreamed of. Additionally, by placing dental implants to secure your dentures in place, you can have nearly the same chewing function as when you had all your healthy teeth. Please see our Implant Supported Dentures page for more information about how implants can stabilize your dentures so that they have both the look and function you want.

We offer many options for dentures in Queen Creek and invite you to call our office at 480-888-8123 for a consultation so we can help you find a solution that will best meet your needs.