Wisdom Teeth

Queen Creek AZ wisdom teeth removal dentistMany people’s mouths are too small for all 32 of their adult teeth. When this is the case, the teeth farthest in the back of the mouth, also known as wisdom teeth, can contribute to gum disease, cavities on the teeth in front of them, and even infections and abscesses in the gums. They can also cause crowding of your other teeth.

Wisdom teeth removal or extraction is often recommended while patients are young because they typically heal more quickly and because the roots of the wisdom teeth are not fully developed. This simplifies the procedure and again decreases the healing time for the patient.

Our patients appreciate that Dr. Matheson has the experience to perform wisdom teeth extractions in Queen Creek, in an office environment that they are already comfortable with, rather than needing to see a specialist for the procedure.  Your comfort is a priority for us sedation options such as nitrous oxide, oral sedation, conscious sedation and general anesthesia are available for wisdom teeth extractions.

Ask about our student and missionary discounts for wisdom teeth removal in Queen Creek.