Dental Implants

Missing a single tooth or multiple teeth or even all your teeth can be annoying or embarrassing. It can even cause other problems with your remaining teeth, your jaw joint and the muscles that you use to chew with. Dental implants are a safe, effective, esthetic and surprisingly affordable solution to this problem.

Queen Creek implant dentist


A dental implant is a titanium screw that is placed directly into the jaw bone in the place of a missing tooth. A temporary tooth can be immediately placed in that space to keep you looking and feeling your best. After a healing period (usually 2-4 months), a custom made tooth will then be permanently attached to the implant, giving you the smile and chewing ability you’ve always wanted.

Multiple implants can also be placed to retain a bridge or secure a denture. When implants are used to secure dentures, the annoying metal or plastic part of the denture that covers the roof of your mouth can often be eliminated. In addition, you can get back to your normal lifestyle of eating all the foods you love. Dental implants meet the highest standard of care for tooth replacement and in many cases, can be the best and most natural option for replacing missing teeth.

If you are missing one or more teeth and would like to smile, speak and eat again with comfort and confidence call our office at 480-888-8123 for a FREE consultation. Dr. Matheson would be happy to discuss your individual circumstances and offer recommendations that you can feel comfortable with.

As a leading implant dentist in Queen Creek, Dr. Matheson enjoys sharing his knowledge of implants through free seminars to the public as well as by teaching and mentoring other dentists.  Dr. Matheson received extensive training in dental implants during a 12 month hands-on residency at UCLA after graduating from dental school. He continues to make it a priority to hone his skills and knowledge at conferences and educational events focused on dental implants and other advanced surgical procedures. Both Dr. Matheson and his staff are committed to investing the time and resources that are required to be an outstanding provider of dental implants in Queen Creek.

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